June 24, 2017

30-minute outdoor summer workout to burn your legs and abs

Happy summer to all my teacher friends out there! My biggest summer goal is to help other teachers get into great shape so we can all keep up with our energetic kiddos during the year. I'm sure you're eager to get outside and enjoy the sunshine while you can, so I want to share my outdoor workout that you can easily do anywhere because it requires no equipment or gym. 

To be honest, this BURNED my legs and abs! In this post, you will see pictures of each exercise with a caption explaining it and telling you how much time I did each one. I completed these 10 exercises, which takes 10 minutes, and then repeated it 2 more times for a total of 3 sets or 30 minutes. It is the perfect way to get a workout in without taking up too much of the day so you can enjoy your valuable time and summer plans!

1. Skaters
1 minute
Start on the right side with your right foot on the ground and give yourself enough space to jump to the left, landing on your left foot. Take your time and try to jump far!

2. V-Ups
1 minute
Start on your back with your legs barely off the ground and your head looking at your feet. Bend your legs towards your chest at the same time as you use your core to pick your upper body off the ground to meet your legs. Straighten your body back out and try to keep your legs off the ground.

3. Walking side squat/lunge
1 minute
I started on the right and brought my left leg into a squat or you can do a lunge (leaning more on your left side while straightening your right leg). Move to the left gradually with each squat/lunge. Once you run out of space, move to the right with your right leg doing the movements.

4. Plank with knee to elbow
1 minute
Begin in a plank position with your elbows and forearms on the ground OR your hands flat on the ground in a push-up position. The biggest key is to keep your body straight without your booty coming in the air. Take your left leg and bring that knee to your left elbow. Put it back into plank position while remembering to keep your body straight. Then bring your right knee to your right elbow. Alternate each leg and take your time to focus on your form!

5. Walking lunges
1 minute
Start on one side and step forward with one leg while the other leg drops until your knee almost hits the ground. Make sure your knee on that front leg never goes over your toes by keeping your upper body straight and squeezing your core. Come back up into a standing position and alternate legs.

6. Elbows to hands plank
1 minute
Start in a plank position with your hands planted on the ground. Take one hand and bring that forearm to the ground. Then do the same with the other arm. Once you have both forearms in plank position, straighten one arm to plant your hand on the ground. Then do the same with the other arm. Focus on keeping your body straight during the movements. 

7. Jump squats
1 minute
Start in a squat position and jump up. As you come back down, squat back down while making sure your knees don't go over your toes. Great way to work your booty and get some cardio in!

8. Squat to kneel 
1 minute
Start in the squat position and bring your left leg and then right leg onto your knees. Next, come back up to the squat position by bringing your left leg up and then right leg. Alternate which leg goes first. Try not to stand up during this minute- stay in the low squat for this minute to really feel the burn!

9. Bicycles
1 minute
Interlace your fingers behind your head and straighten your legs out. Bring your upper body up by touching your elbow to your opposite knee. Then straighten that leg back out as your other leg bends to meet the opposite elbow. 

10. My squat jump variation :) 
1 minute
Start in the squat position. After each squat, jump up on your toes. Take a leap into the air and land in a squat. Continue this to burn out those legs and finish with one last bit of cardio!

Now repeat this workout two more times for a solid 30-minute workout that will leave your legs and abs burning. And if you live in weather anything like my sunshine state, you'll come inside looking like this!


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