June 21, 2017

Why teachers should do a Me Bag on the first day

I’ve seen a lot of posts about “Me Bags” as an opportunity for students to bring in 4-5 objects to teach the class about themselves during the first week. However, this post is to explain why YOU should be the one bringing in the Me Bag and exactly how to do it!

Why should the teacher bring in the Me Bag?

In my school, students already know each other from the year(s) prior to coming into my classroom. They are very unfamiliar with the person teaching them for the next 180 days, though. I watch 20 anxious faces walk into my room on the first day with no clue what to expect. We begin every day with a morning meeting, and the first day is no different. The greeting on this day is something simple for all of those initially shy kiddos, and I explain that the sharing part is usually for them; however, today, it will be for me to introduce myself to them. The excitement is evident as all of my first graders fix their bodies to get as close to this bag as they possibly can. We re-adjust the circle and I tell them I will walk around with each object for them to see. Whispers and giggles make their way around the circle and the nerves have made their way out of room 130.

Now here’s how it’s done. It is SO simple, yet incredibly effective!

1.       Gather 4-5 objects from your house or classroom that give a glimpse into your life.

*Tips: Don’t bring any more or any less than 4-5 objects. Make sure they are different so each object is a new surprise for the students. Do not spend more than 5 minutes on this activity even though you want to answer all of the hands shooting up in the air. Explain that they will have plenty of time to find out the answers to their questions as they get to know you better throughout the year. 

         Here are a few examples:

A picture of your family/loved ones
(They love learning about Ms. Fitz’s family!)

Something that tells about your favorite food, store, sport, animal
(Headphones to show my favorite hobby working out!)

An award you have won
(Teacher of the Month award)

A favorite book
(Absolutely LOVE Elephant and Piggie books)

An artifact from your childhood
(Always a class favorite)

2.    Find a bag or box that all of your items will fit in.

3.    Print out this "Me" Bag label and you are ready to WOW your students on the first day!

I know many teachers like to assign this Me Bag for all of the students to bring objects in during the week. If you wish to do so, I hope you have modeled your expectations clearly with this teacher Me Bag first! Click here to get a student Me Bag label as another freebie!

Good luck on your first day and please share your Me Bag experiences below! Happy teaching!


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