July 30, 2017

Full-body workout using only cables

As much as I love working out at gyms, sometimes they get so crowded I can't get on any machines! If you are able to snag a cable machine, you're set for a full-body workout. Take a look at the 10 workouts below with descriptions to hit each muscle group in under 30 minutes!

1. Cross cable triceps
With your left hand, reach for the right cable ball and pull it down. With your right hand, pull the left cable ball down. The cables will be criss-crossed. Keep them at your chest and pull down to straighten arms. Bring back up to chest and repeat 10 times. (3 sets)

2. Glute kicks
Most gyms have a strap attachment that you velcro around your leg. If you have this, wrap it around your ankle and velcro tight. Kick that leg behind while squeezing glutes. Do this 10 times and switch legs. (3 sets each)

3. Straight arm pulldown
Use a straight bar and place hands at each side of bar. While keeping arms straight, push bar down to the ground. You should feel this in your lats (upper back). Do this 10 times for 3 sets.

4. Chest press
Attach this long bar to the left and right cable and move to the inside of the cable machine. Push bar out to straighten arms. Do this 10 times (3 sets).

5. Tricep rope pulldown
Using the cable rope attachment, put one hand on each side of the rope and pull down to straighten arms. Bring rope back up to a 90 degree angle and do this 10 times (3 sets).

6. Diagonal raise
Stand to the side of one cable and reach outer arm down to cable ball. With hand wrapped around it, bring arm across your body and straightened in the air, making a horizontal line. Do this 10 times and set cable back down. Rotate body 180 degrees so now your other arm is now the outer arm reaching down to cable for 10 reps (3 sets each).

7. Bicep cable curls
Using a bar attachment, (same one in #3 straight arm pulldown) wrap hands around it with fingers facing you. Curl bar up towards your chest while keeping elbows still at your side. Slowly bring bar back down and do this 10 times (3 sets).

8. Standing row
Attach long bar used in #4 chest press and stand on outside of cable machine with hands wrapped around bar. Pull bar back and in doing so, you should feel this in your upper/mid back. Do this 10 times (3 sets).

9. Cable rear delt fly
Grab opposite cable balls as you did in #1 cross cable triceps. Hold these around your forehead. Pull them while horizontally straightening arms. Do this 10 times (3 sets).

10. Side squats
Stand to the side of one cable. Attach strap used in #2 glute kicks to outside leg. Pick that leg up and squat to the side. Do this 10 times and then rotate 180 degrees with other leg attached to strap (3 sets each).

Next time the gym is crowded and every machine seems to be taken, don't let that defeat you! Grab a cable machine and complete this whole-body workout to avoid the busy gym stress. Happy exercising!