July 10, 2017

How to make a teacher toolbox

Does anyone else have little supplies that never seem to have a place in your teacher desk? If you're anything like I am, you throw paperclips and erasers anywhere on your desk in the midst of the day's chaos and can never find them when you need to. I was determined to change that with this toolbox project. It is so simple and will de-clutter your desk; no more wasting time looking for push pins or binder rings! 

Step 1: Buy a 22-drawer plastic toolbox.

I bought mine from Lowe's for $16.98. Click here for the direct link. 
You can also get one from Amazon for $21.53. Click here for the direct link. 

Step 2: Buy spray paint to match your classroom theme.

While at Lowe's, I picked up this Valspar Color Radiance Gloss- Pool Party. But any spray paint that works on plastic should be just fine. I absolutely loved looking at all the color options and can definitely see myself painting a new color each year to change it up! 

Step 3: Take out the 22 clear drawers and spray paint the toolbox.

Head outside and lay your toolbox down on the ground or on a towel. Spray one coat and let it dry. That one coat may be sufficient, but I waited awhile and gave it one more layer of paint. 

Step 4: The fun part- LABELS! 

I made colorful labels with pictures for my toolbox that you can find in my TPT store here. My labels come in three different themes. Here's a little preview!




Once you print out my labels, laminate for durability and cut them out. Then, tape the labels on the outside of each drawer (double-sided tape works extremely well). And HORRAY! Your teacher toolbox is complete and ready to be stocked full with supplies to help you stay sane through the school year! 

So grab your toolbox, spray paint, and my labels HERE for this project.
Happy organizing! 

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