January 21, 2018

Engaging Weekly Routine to Practice Sight Words

It is crucial for kindergarten and first grade teachers to include sight word practice in their weekly small group routine, but it can be difficult to find the time for effective implementation. I found a daily schedule that is very simple to prepare and has helped my students remember those tricky sight words all year!

This post contains affiliate links to some of the products we use while practicing sight words. 

1. Introduce 5 new sight words for the week by using visual sight word cards

I bought these cards from Engage2Inspire on Teachers Pay Teachers and this has helped my students remember the trickiest of sight words! She has Dolch Pre-Primer and Primer sight words on her TPT store. I begin by telling my students the word and passing the card around the table. Students take turns thinking of sentences and we find ways to remember each word based on how it looks on the visual sight word card. They all get a bag of these 5 sight words for the week and I also like to hang them up at the front of the room for them to refer back to throughout the week. 

2. Spell sight words in Play-Doh

My kids shout "YES!" as they run over to my guided reading table on our sight word Play-Doh days! I bought this Play-Doh pack on Amazon to get different colors my students can choose from. We use the bottom of a paintbrush to trace each sight word, but we also have used the Play-Doh to shape each letter in the word. If you are short on time, it's quicker to trace the words. Either way, students love it and it's the perfect second day activity to get them spelling those sight words.

3. Create sight words with Wikki Stix

Another engaging way for students to become familiar with their weekly sight words is by using Wikki Stix! I recommend buying these because you can use them for SO many fun activities in the classroom. Students use 5 Wikki Stix to create each word and they have an absolute blast doing this. 

4. Sight word fly swat review game

Grab a 5-pack of fun fly swatters, turn this into a friendly competition, and WOW the students are immediately engaged. I lay out half of my Dolch Pre-Primer or Primer sight word cards and let two students compete. They hold the fly swatter on their lap and once I say the sight word, whoever is the first to swat the sight word gets a point for their team! *We spent a few minutes discussing my expectations and how to stay safe in order to keep playing this game, and my first graders have handled it with extreme control! 

5. Find the mystery sight words in our reading

I print out Reading A-Z books and use Wite-Out to cover up sight words (or add in a sentence if needed) for students to fill in their 5 sight words while reading. I lay out all 5 cards and when we get to a blank, students work together to decide which word they think fits. Incorporating this into our reading each Friday has helped them to identify when we use these words in sentences properly. 

At the end of the week, I will then quickly pull over each student (this takes about 15 seconds per student because they know these words like a pro at the end of each week!) and they will read off the 5 sight words for me to assess. Once they show me they know each word, I allow them to color in their graph on my self-tracking sight word list. Check it out in my TPT store for only $2.00! 


Learning and identifying sight words is critical to your kindergarten or first grade students' reading success. It may seem overwhelming to implement, but I hope this weekly routine of ideas gives you some inspiration to incorporate sight word practice in your guided reading each week! 


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