January 14, 2018

Oh no! You have LICE... Now what?!

The worst three words a teacher can hear... "You have lice."

If you are in this situation, fight back the tears and read my tried and true tips to get rid of the bugs once and for all. But if you're a teacher or mom and haven't had lice, save this post by pinning the picture below to your Pinterest board so you have it if you ever need it. You'll be glad you did!

First and foremost, prioritize. You might want to strip your entire house and clean every item you've touched in the past few days, but slow down and don't try to do everything at once. Focus on the most important first step: treating your hair.

Lice Salons in Your Area

**Before doing anything else, google "lice salons" in your area. I did two home treatments before realizing I had a lice salon 20 minutes from me. I was extremely hesitant to try this out, but was tired of the countless hours and money I was spending on home remedies. Yes, the home treatments can do the job, but in the end I was paying about the same amount as a stress-free treatment I could get at the salon, Fresh Heads. If you don't live in the Orlando area, click this link to see if Ladibugs is near you. If not, check your area for any lice salon that could save you hours of nit-picking.

Home Treatment Steps

1. Buy the necessities.

Head to the store and buy Nix, a metal lice comb, gloves, garbage bags, paper towels, shower caps... and a bottle of wine can't hurt. Some Nix products come with a comb, but make sure it is a metal comb and not a plastic one. You can find this one at many stores or from Amazon here

2. Complete Nix treatment and clean the house while waiting.

Follow the directions on the Nix box and put a shower cap on while you let the treatment soak in for the instructed amount of time. As you wait, put your bedding, clothing, and any other washable cloth items you have used in the past two days (purse, hats, etc.) in the washer with hot water. If you have any items that can't be washed, just put them in garbage bags for two days. After 48 hours away from a human host, nits and lice cannot survive so don't worry about clothing you wore before that time frame. Spray your car seats and any other furniture with Stop Lice Spray from Walgreens or Amazon

3. Create an essential oil soak and rinse.

Unfortunately, Nix and using a nit comb doesn't get every nit out of your hair the first time. This can also be harsh on your scalp, so I recommend following that up with an essential oil mixture. Here are the instructions for each mixture.

16 drops eucalyptus
8 drops lavender
8 drops geranium
8 drops clove oil
2 tsp. coconut oil or fractionated coconut oil

  • Mix together with a spoon. With gloves on, rub 2 tsp. into your scalp. Put a shower cap on and let it sit for 30 minutes. 
  • Wash your hair with shampoo + 2 drops of lavender oil.
  • Comb out one more time for any remaining nits. 
  • Pour this rinse mixture on your hair and let it dry naturally.

8 drops eucalyptus
8 drops lavender
8 drops geranium
2 oz. vinegar
32 oz. water

Since you have to do one more Nix treatment 7 days later, you can do this soak and rinse combo every day for that week since these essential oils are not harmful to your scalp. This mixture left my head feeling much cleaner and gave me peace of mind if there were any nits that the treatment missed, these essential oils finished the job. 

After completing the treatment a week later to prevent any re-infestation, you are now back to your regular hair routine, feeling confident and comfortable once again! But you never know when another outbreak might strike... so check out my prevention blog post on the lice-repellent routine every teacher should do before school. 

Best of luck and I hope this helps treat lice once and for all! 

This post contains affiliate links to some of the lice products. 


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