June 12, 2018

Post-Lumpectomy Lower Body Workout

Too many women know the terrifying moment when a hard lump is felt during a self exam. As a 24 year-old teacher, I was devastated to feel this after getting my first lumpectomy at the age of 21.  Weeks later, which seemed like years, doctors gave me the option of taking out a small piece of it to biopsy, or getting a second lumpectomy. Everyone has their own preference, but no part of me wants a lump hanging around in there if is has any chance of being cancerous. The surgery went by in a blur and I woke up to the surgeon telling me they removed the mass and found another one they were able to biopsy. The week to follow was filled with several Netflix marathons and plenty of worrying, but the doctor called with great news... The biopsy results came back as benign tumors, also called fibroadenomas! These are fairly common in younger women and sometimes need to be removed, but always need to be tested to make sure they aren't cancerous. I am unbelievably grateful and will forever have the scars to remind my loved ones (and all you wonderful teachers reading my blog) to do your self exams every month. You are your own best advocate! 

One week after surgery, I was cleared to do any exercises that did not cause me discomfort. I decided to start back up with a lower body workout to avoid too much stress put on my upper body while it was still healing. Let's take a look at some of my favorite exercises! I completed the entire workout outside (just standing in the Florida heat is a workout in and of itself) and used a resistance band. You can find the exact set of bands I am using on Amazon here.

1. Hip thrusts with resistance band

2. One leg hip thrusts with resistance band

3. Curtsy lunges

4. Lunge jump and back to lunge

5. Donkey kickbacks with resistance band

6. Hip flexor stretch with resistance band

Finish it off with some cardio or mix it in between these exercises for high-intensity interval training (HIIT)

Keep up with those self exams and have a terrific summer! 


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