July 23, 2018

Behavior Management Star Cards

As I plan for the new school year, I want to share my behavior management plan with you all! Let me begin by saying that every teacher uses what is best for his or her students, so even my plan right now will most likely change once I meet all my kiddos. So feel free to use my system and make changes based on your group for the year. This is for my 1st grade classroom, but again, you can modify it for your age level however you'd like!

Clip Chart

All of my students start on green at the beginning of each day and can go up or down on the clip chart with decisions they make throughout the day. If they move their clip up to blue for making a good choice, we celebrate it and encourage them to keep making these choices. If they move up to purple, they get a commendation in our school computer system. If they move up to PINK (the highest color and a pretty big deal in our classroom), they get 2 stars on their star card at the end of the day. I will explain the star cards next!

Star Cards

Before dismissal, we meet as a class on the carpet for an end of the day meeting. I encourage my students to do a quick reflection on their behavior for the day and to help do this, we will have star cards! Each student has their own card with their name on it. My kids will begin with the 10 star card.

Here is how it will work:

- Everyone will start with the same yellow star card.
- Once their color for the day has been marked in their agenda for their parents to see and they are all packed up, I will say each student's name.
- If they were on green, blue, or purple that day, they give me a thumbs up. I will use my star puncher to give them 1 star. If they get to pink that day for outstanding choices, they get 2 stars. 
- Once they get to 10 stars, they go to the beloved treasure box! 
- After finishing a card, they go to the next level, the green card. Each level has a different color card. (The higher levels will have bright, patterned cardstock to make it extra exciting!)
- Gradually through the year, you may wish to increase to the 15 or the 20 star card as they grow and change in the year.
- The goal for my students will be to get to the GOLD star, which means they have made it to the 16th card in the year, and they have earned a spot at our popsicle party! 

Other ways you can use these behavior management cards in the classroom:

- Finishing and handing in homework on time.
- Students with behavior plans can use the 5 star card for quicker positive reinforcement.
- You can have a weekly behavior goal, such as helping others. When you see students reaching this goal, it is easy to pull this card out and give them a star.
- If you do not wish to use a treasure box for the end reward, you can give them options to choose from as a reward (Extra computer/tablet time, coloring page, puzzle activity at the end of the day, special snack, etc.)

I hope you can find a great way to use these star cards in your own classroom! They are excellent motivators for primary students and I am thrilled to watch them work towards the GOLD star!

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